Wednesday, March 02, 2005

from cats to superman (and everything in between)

Have you ever noticed how ridiculously high cats can jump? I mean relative to their size, they can jump pretty dang high. Could you imagine looking at something twice as tall as you are (standing up) and not even thinking twice about jumping up to it? So much fun. I wish I could do that. Then I would be known as the pantsless-arlo-pottomus jumping machine! And really, how did the “pottomus” ever sneak in there?

I like bodie’s new blog description to the right. I think it’s a good blog classification for us. I’ve come to realize that there numerous blog types. Some I really don’t like reading:

  • The teeny-bopper blog. OMG! My and my bff went to the mall yesterday and we saw Bobby! He’s sooooooo cute but I don’t like him anymore. Extremely uninteresting and annoying to read.
  • The depressed and angst-filled teenager blog. Again, pretty uninteresting to read. Although if I had blogged when I was a teenager I probably would have had one of those.
  • The “day-to-day” blog. One interesting post every once in a while, but mostly just stories about grocery stores and work/school. Everyone does these things – why would I want to read about your mundane everyday activities?
  • The complaining blog. This blogger complains about everything and everyone he/she doesn’t like. The posts can be funny sometimes but after a while it starts becoming a downer.

But just because I don’t like reading them doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be out there. Everyone blogs for a different reason and if people just want to write about their bitchings or what they did at the mall then more power to them. Just don’t expect me to read it. I’m sure there are people out there who don’t like this blog because it’s nerdy. And that’s okay too.

I’ve seen a few blogs lately written by men in unhappy relationships. These are absolutely fascinating for me, as generally I only hear from women in unhappy relationships. It’s rare to find a man who will talk openly about the hardships that are going on in his life. I think this is a new phenomenon enabled by blogs, as (I think) men generally don’t have people to talk to and confide in, but blogs can be an anonymous release. There is also the potential for support from readers but with the safeguard of anonymity.
This blog is an example. (Word of warning - some of his posts can be quite, well, honest.) Even though he can be a bit crass at times, I find myself sincerely hoping that this complete stranger will be able to somehow work out his marriage happily.

Sorry to end this post on a downer.

To lighten things up a bit, go to this website:
Unplugged Studio, enter the site, and click on the American Express button on the bottom. Watch both Uniform and Hindsight. Jerry Seinfeld and Superman are great together.

Ohhhhh, yes! Wyoming!

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