Thursday, March 03, 2005

We were on a break!

Mandy is getting her shoulder surgery done tomorrow morning bright and early and will be laid up for at least a couple of days. As a result she probably won't be blogging much for a little while. I will be pretty busy with work and caring for her so I may not be posting much either.

Never fear though faithful readers. We will be back by the middle of next week with more inane topic!

In the mean time here is an armload of puppies!

If you haven't guessed yet I love pit bulls. I think they are super smart, great looking dogs, and the cutest puppies ever. I am sure you personally know somebody whose grandmother was savagely mauled or something by one, or you own another breed of dog and are quite sure I am misguided in my adoration of this awful breed, but that's my opinion.

I think it is terribly sad that in this nation dogs are punished for the crimes of their owners. People that fight pit bulls get tickets, but the dogs are destroyed. Who is the victim here? The same thing happens with rottweilers, dobermans, kane corsas, bull mastiffs, and many other breeds. They were bred to be really good at one thing, and some sick drug dealer/homeboy/in- bred fuck decides to use those instincts to get the dog to attack other dogs or people and we act like it is the dogs fault. I don't know what the solution is, but banning dogs and destroying banned puppies doesn't strike me as the answer.


Almostgrace said...

I hope your surgery goes well!

Noir Muse said...

Ditto. Here's to a swift recovery.

greyguitar said...

Well, I miss you both. I felt a loss when I paused while the page loaded and noticed nothing new. Hope both are doing great!

mandy said...

Thanks for the love guys!