Friday, July 29, 2005

stitchin' and bussin' and babies and tunnels

The Stitch-n-Pitch last night was a huge success! It was tons of fun with about 1,500 knitters hanging out watching the Mariners. I found a fellow Eastside Stitcher, Susan (who, by the way, because of her ability to knit such cool stuff, desperately needs a blog; oh no, I sense a pun here... maybe "desperately seeking Susan's blog", or "desperately blogging susan"? sorry, I had to do it), and along with Meredith we knitted and watched some baseball and ate the most expensive sandwiches ever. Good times!

I ended up taking the bus there, and I realized that it had been a quinquennium since I had last ridden the bus. I used to ride the bus everywhere in Santa Cruz - it was free (well I guess "free" isn't the right word, as it was built into tuition and that was out of control, and really, we're still paying for it now), and it went anywhere I needed to go. And I was always pretty sure that the busses here sucked and were too slow and confusing and thus I shouldn't take them. But as we were on our way back from the game, I came up with a list of reasons why busses rock.

  • Absolutely no road rage.
  • Standing up in a moving vehicle is fun!
  • Standing in the back of the extra-long bus with the accordian middle totally makes it seem like a roller coaster.
  • I love staring at drivers going past without them being able to see me.
  • You can listen in to people's conversations.
  • No worries about parking.
  • Flying past suckers by themselves on 520 is such a great feeling.
  • You can read a book on the bus! You can even knit on the bus!
  • Did I mention the roller coaster effect?

So now I want to ride the bus everywhere. They just rock.

And here is a picture of the little 9-month terror that was running around our house last weekend, graciously modeling the hat I knitted up for him (it was supposed to be a newborn hat, but that just goes to show how much I know about babies).

And here is a somewhat creepy picture from inside the Old Cascade Tunnel. I thought it was pretty neat, so here it is.


greyguitar said...

The tunnel shot is awesome!

countjrg said...

Busses rock? Hmmmm....
Hopefully they will continue to rock without a monorail in the Seattle area!

Your outing sounds like fun. I actually have some friends who are happy that the busses will be running from Northgate to the Sea fair beer garden this weekend. NOW THAT’S putting public transportation to good use!

Almostgrace said...

Busses- they're not just for the mentally ill. I love the bus too!

susan said...

you just happened upon my favourite spelling mistake ever:

buses = what you ride on
busses = kisses

never knew until the boyfriend started cracking up at a roadwork sign in Boston -- after much contention it turned out he was right. :-P oops.

Almostgrace said...

kisses for busses then!