Friday, August 04, 2006

B: Wengo!

From Webster:

Main Entry: womb
Pronunciation: 'wüm
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English wamb, womb, from Old English; akin to Old High German wamba belly
2 a : a cavity or space that resembles a womb in containing and enveloping b : a place where something is generated - wombed /'wümd/ adjective

I hate this word. I hate the sound of it and I don't really know why people use it. It is a certain type of person that feels the need to employ this word. I don't know who they are but I wish they would stop. I suspect they believe it means or implies something beyond Webster's definition, but I don't know what.

It is funny how things change when you are involved with a pregnancy. There are some women who want nothing more than to talk to Amanda about being pregnant, or birthing, or children. She is sick of it and so am I. Too soon all we are going to hear about is the baby. We don't need it now. I am sure they are just trying to be friendly and that is a convenient topic, but it is really getting pretty tiresome.

The worst are those evil bitches that feel the need to share their, or more often their "friends" horror stories. First time mothers worry enough without hearing all of this BS from fat old ladies with nothing better to say. The second worst are the women that have never had children that share the awful things they have heard about on Oprah or read in some vapid magazine. These are a bit easier to ignore because they are clearly ignorant, but they should still learn to shut the fuck up. This negative talk is mean and it only re-enforces this super negative gloom and doom perspective our culture takes on child birth.

While I am on a rant here there is one more thing I need to mention. Do not touch the pregnant lady's belly! If you are a family member you can ask permission, but that is it. If it is not offered, assume it is not welcome. All these strangers and aquaintances that want to touch Amanda's belly without permision really ought to be punched. I have suggested that Amanda poke them in the belly when they touch hers to remind them that they don't like being touched either, but she is too nice.


mandy said...

I've also been asked a few times "how much have you gained?" I'm sure they're just trying to be nice, but when you think about it, it's rude. I don't ask how much weight you gained last holiday season...

janXknits said...

It's your friendly demeanor which invites people to want to touch your stomach...

As you know I'm a bitch on wheels and carry myself like a bat out of hell. Not ONE stanger came up and touched my stomach (and I was huge.) One person asked and I said "yes," because they were trying to conceive and were unsuccessful. The couple was hoping it was good luck. I felt bad knowing their struggle and said "yes." Still, I at least knew the couple and they weren't strangers.

But really, try getting bitchy and see if people will leave you alone. Good luck!

Merce said...

Just make a t-shirt, or a few because you're gonna have to wear it all the time, that says, "Don't even think about touching my BELLY!" That should do the trick...