Tuesday, August 05, 2008

and no, not that kind of piece

I've had a crappy Ikea dining room table for years. I think I bought it for less than $100 when I moved up to Seattle and realized I didn't have any furniture to put in my apartment. It's been moving around with me ever since. When we moved into the house here in Sac, we wanted something a little more unique and ended up buying a nice picnic table to have in our dining room. It was fun, but not quite what we were going for and if you sat too close to the edge of the bench you'd fall over when the other person on the bench stood up. Not so good.

About a month ago we stumbled on a very cool furniture store in Sac and were walking around looking for bookshelves/toy storage when I saw it. I immediately turned to B and said "that's our new dining room table." There's something about the dining room table that needs to be big and sturdy and welcoming. We love to eat. Good food and a good place to eat it is important. We need a good table. A table that you can sit around with your family and eat good food for 100 years. A table that our children can grow up on and eat Thanksgiving dinner with grandma and aunt 'chele. A table that looks as good on Christmas day as it does covered with homework papers. But unfortunately they don't make those tables anymore.

Oh but we found that table. Built in the late 1800s out of solid French Oak. Can't you just picture it living in a farmhouse in the french countryside?

We're pretty happy with it. It could probably seat 8, but we got 6 chairs with it. It's definitely got personality, and it could use a little bit of love, but we can handle that.

The only problem with all this is now we've got this beautiful oak "piece" in our dining room and the rest of our furniture is still mostly ikea-ish. I suppose this means we're going to have to start looking for more "pieces"? This sounds expensive.


susan said...

Oh, gorgeous!! No wonder you're so excited!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous and so very French! Meredith