Thursday, August 07, 2008

blind date

Did you guys ever watch that crappy show Blind Date? I loved that show. It was so bad it was good. Total douchebags with slutty chicks and really cheesy commentary. When I had TV and too much time on my hands I could waste hours watching that. (Some people might say that they wish they had those hours back, but not me. I think it made me a better person.)

B and I have a blind date this weekend. Except it's more like a blind friend date*, and to be honest, we're a bit nervous. Our good friend Rob that hangs out where the ocean meets the land has some real-life friends that recently moved out here to Sacatomato. He knew that we had recently moved out here, and nice guy that he is (I assume that he's nice, I mean I suppose he could really be some creepy old man with 17 cats, but I doubt that) he thought to introduce us. Except that we've never actually met Rob. And so not only do we have a blind friend date, it's a blind friend date set up by someone who we never actually met.

Based on his blog, Rob seems to be a pretty cool cat. Sometimes I wonder though what we're portraying ourselves as on our blog. Is it a good representation? If we ever actually hang out with Rob, would he be all, "man those guys are nerds"? (Actually no, I think we're pretty good at asserting our nerdiness here.)

The one thing that's getting us through this all though is that Rob's a fellow geologist, and we geo-nerds tend to gravitate towards each other. And we trust other geo-nerd judgement. So if Rob says they're cool, then they're probably cool.

And they're all probably reading this post. So hi new friends! See you Saturday!

*note this does not actually mean a date with a blind friend, like my grandma's blind friend for instance, which is a topic for a whole other post.

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greyguitar said...

this has me crying laughing, i have to say.

a few points:
i only have 16 cats.

wait, totally kidding. don't know how the sarcastic tone goes through on here. no, i live alone with my coffee and my weather channel.

and yes, the 3 of us are geo-nerds and that's why we're so cool!

i think i'm more nervous than any of you. hah