Friday, August 22, 2008

B: the magember crunch

Like every summer, I have allowed myself to become so busy at work that I am totally burned out and desperately in need of some time off. To combat this and avoid going all Tyler Durdan on my family and co-workers, I am taking Labor Day week off. I have already planned so much stuff for that week though that there is really no way I will get to do everything that I want. At some point I am going to need to add some scheduled relaxation.....I am an idiot.
We are really coming down to the magember crunch. I am doing absolutely nothing for the big 31. I think that is really the only way to note the trying to ignore it. Mandy and I are having our 5 year anniversary this year, Lily is turning 2 and then Mandy is turning 30....holy crap that a lot of stuff for September. If we had another September baby we would have a 4 in 30 chance of hitting an already important date. I like them odds!

Other stuff....I sat next to this guy and his obese body guard/homey in the terminal at LAX cuz they were next to the only free laptop charging station. He looked less crunk in person.

He was just kicking it doing some FORTRAN programming or something on his laptop and listening to what I have to assume was Bach. Nervous teenagers kept coming up to get his autograph. After much debate I had him sign my golden chalice. It isn't as nice as the one that he is pictured with here, but it special to me and now it's a highly valuable collectible.
They weren't on my flight though, so I didn't get to fulfil my plan of befriending him and convincing him to: (a) explain the origin and meaning of crunk, (b) feature me on a future track, and (c) teach me the meaning of love.
Oh well.
We had a delicious dinner made from scratch my Mandy last night with our new mystery friends mentioned I think it went fabulously and they probably don't hate us yet
Strapless panties continue to be our most highly hit post ever. Those people ought to be paying us.

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