Sunday, September 07, 2008

B: A break from work, not a vacation...

  • Move gas line.....check
  • Convert old 240 V circuits to wall oven and cook top to 120 V, add several outlets on new circuits and end up with gross amounts of extra power in kitchen....check
  • Fix pergo in several places and extend it below future range location...check
  • Install said bitchin gas range...check
  • Move water line for ice maker...check
  • Spend hours under the house in the F'ing crawl space running new copper tubing for the ice maker just to find the saddle valve is probably clogged.....arrrrrgh check
  • Demolish most of the old cabinets to be removed....check
  • Build a new span of fence and install a new gate for my mom...check
  • Crash really hard on my head downhilling....check
  • Relax and do nothing...not so much

Once again I squandered a perfectly good vacation being productive! Pics to come.

1 comment:

susan said...

Wow!! That sounds like a ton of work, and all very important. Seems like you covered all of the scary DIY bases: gas, water, electricity, and crawlspaces!

Sounds like we're falling dramatically behind in the house renovation contest. :-)